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    "Once upon a time, on a desert island, there lived a master of the blades, The Creator.
    He built mountains and valleys and all that comes in between.
    But most importantly he built a magical ever-changing labyrinth, Abu-Abu.
    There also was the evil king, Villicus I., with his thirst for power.
    He wanted the blade of Abu-Abu. He wanted to control everything!

    Now, many years later, you, Player, has awoken to save the Abu-Abu!

    User "Guest" logged in!
    > DEBUG --world "abuabu"
    Commencing debug of ABUABU...
    Warning! Multiple errors found! Trying to terminate...
    Errors couldn't be terminated! Errors are serious threats!
    World ABUABU will fall apart in: UNKNOWN ERROR
    User input needed to forcefully terminate errors!
    Force-terminate all found errors?
    > _
    Coming Soon
  • Paranormal Games

    This is my first game and it was made in the theme of "olympic games".

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